20% Vat on static caravans down to 5% is the difference refundable?

I bought a new static caravan two weeks ago at £27500, which included 20% vat.
Owing to the governments change in the vat rate reducing the vat rate from 20% to 5%.
Am I due back the difference in the vat amount from the holiday park company I bought the caravan ?
Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated.


  1. You shouldn’t have been charged any VAT, the 20% VAT charge on caravans wasn’t due to start until October. Now that it has been reduced to 5%, those buying new static caravans from October 1st will pay 5% VAT, those buying before then don’t pay any VAT.

  2. You are either lying or you have been cheated. There is currently no VAT whatsoever on static holiday homes. The 5% rate is coming

    The Treasury also backtracked on plans to impose 20 per cent VAT on static holiday homes following pressure from caravan manufacturers and will instead charge 5 per cent from April 2013 rather than October

  3. If your sales invoice clearly shows 20% VAT has been charged, then you can demand the return of this from the sales company, and if they refuse, you can always threaten to report them to HMRC VAT who will be happy to carry out a VAT inspection of the company.

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