2005 Dodge caravan radio not working ?

I have just bought a 2005 dodge caravan and the radio/cd player is not working, I cannot find a radio fuse under the hood so where do I go next ?


  1. its probably the fuse for the radio and its located on the inside fuse panel on those if you have the owners manual it will tell which fuse it is,i always go by the manual on those,good luck with it.

  2. should be a fuse maybe under the drivers side dash. Bring it to a place that installs radio’s and maybe they can help you.

  3. The radio fuse is under dash somewhere, I would guess to the left of the steering column.

  4. I don’t know about new radios. but last time i bought a cd player, there was an inline fuse in the 12+v to the radio.

  5. the fuse is inside, and from my knowledge on dodges it should either be
    -when you open your door, look on the sidewall of your dash for a panel that says "fuse panel", take it off and look inside


    – look beneath drivers side dash for black box that contains fuses.

    hope i helped

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