Campsite that would be willing to accomodate a group of 15 people in Scotland?

I am looking to find a campsite that would be willing to accomodate a group of 15-20 people. One Caravan, one Campervan and about 5 tents. We are all over 30 years old, mostly couples, responsible and will not "trash" anything. We are wanting to stay 2 nights, and will be roughly no more than 2 hour drive from Edinburgh. Anyone know anywhere that would accept us all? Even a campsite that could put us far away in a corner somewhere?


  1. The red squirrel camp site in glencoe might accommodate. I have been there many times and the views in the evening are breath taking, with an awesome pub 5 mins walk away.

    They normally don’t accept caravans, however when the Harry Potter film crew stayed there a few years ago they had a few trailers. Give the owner a call and ask him, he is a good guy, very helpful, and if he can’t help he will point you in the right direction.

  2. you do not need permission to camp anywhere in Scotland. Camping comes under recreation, which is allowed in pretty much any open space.

    (Of course you need a little common sense, no to go camping on the turf at murrayfield 😉 )

  3. Hi, maybe you can choose to ask the travel agency, for whom has the careful materials of the campsite. may this could help you!

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