Can anyone tell me the name of a current trade magazine for static caravans?

Two and a half years ago I bought an Atlas Mayfair Super (2002) on a site in Stourport-On-Severn for £23,000 (having brought up 4 children single handed and struggled for many years they had grown up and this was my reward to myself). Due to ill health I now want to sell it and the new owners of the site (who took over 9 months ago)have offered me £10,000. Given the site rental that I have paid plus other bills since I bought it it will have cost me £19,000 for jsu that two and a half years use. When I pointed this out the new owner said that I was welcome to advertise it myself to be taken off the site – all very reasonably said but obviously putting me in a difficult position. I want to know what the current trade price is for this make of caravan and year but do not know where to look.


  1. *yawn*

  2. rather than a trade magazine which is very confusing. call your local stockists who will come to the site and value it for you. they will place adverts in their own publications and many have noticeboards for you to advertise on. this is the best way as you then know that your are not being ripped off. It’s not free for this service but is cheap at around £30. altern. try autotrader and see roughly what the prices are there.

  3. w.h.smith sell the mag you what
    all the best

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