Can I charge people to camp wild or park campervans overnight on my grazing land in Devon in the UK?

Wild camping isn’t illegal, or is it? So why shouldn’t I capitalise on this by charging people a small amount of money for providing a safer and hassle free environment to wild camp or to park their campervans on my land… Am I going to come across any legal issues???

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  1. You need planning permission for one thing. Or you could be prosecuted on lots of different charges. From health and safety violations, environmental damage, running an unlicensed holiday park. To name a few. It could cost more than you could make and then you will have the tax man after you for undeclared income.

    Get in touch with your council. They will be only too pleased to assist you with this idea.

    Probably it wont be worth the hassle it depends on how much it would cost to set up shower and toilet blocks, hard standings and so on.

    However, if the caravans are parked out of the sight of the road and no one reports you (dream on, on that one) then you might get away with it for a while.

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