Can I move my mobile home to England?

I am aware I would have to find a space at a caravan park, it just seems more convenient to move the whole house. Nothing would get lost in transit… Moving to a new country is very expensive & I thought that this may be a worth-while expense.


  1. If you are moving from one EU country to the UK then not a problem but not every caravan site is a residential site and not every residential site will allow you to put your own mobile home on it.Some even have an age limit for the homes that they will not take on their sites. Do your homework before paying out the money to move your Mobile home.
    A thought may be to do an exchange with someone in the UK who is looking for one in your country? Daltons weekly is a good place to advertise.

  2. You could, but if you live outside the EU then you would have tons of paperwork and charges to pay.

  3. If you are a citizen of the European Union then yes .You can park your mobile home on any site and pay your ground fees and stay.

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