daughter seeing her father?

My 5 year old daughter is seeing her father for the first time in 3 years today. he lives in a different state but is staying in a nice caravan park here for 3 days and wants to see her for those three days (not overnight) I am terrified. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated
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and he signed a contact order to say that he isn’t to take her out of the state and that i am to have full custody.

He has another child in the state where he lives and has him 50 % of the time


  1. why are you so worried? it seems that he just wants to reconnect with his daughter…..and she has a right to know her father…..

  2. its good that they are seeing each other. dont be worried my mom was the same with with me and my dad. im sure everything will work out fine=) it should be a good bonding experience.

  3. i wouldnt worry if by a slim chance he does take her out of the state then he would be charged with kidnapping,i am sure you are worrying for nothing

  4. i feel you pain and your anxiety, i think it is good for your daughter to be able to see her father, i hope it all works out as it could just confuse her too, if he wants to see her let him just be careful, and prepare yourself in case he leaves again and doesn’t return, i have experienced visitations and they are hard to handle sometimes as the children seem to get confused in what is really going on in their lives, hopefully all will be good and in the favor of your daughter

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