help!! camping/caravan sites that will take 16 yr olds?

i am hoping to go on holiday with a few friends after our gcse’s but i cant find anywhere on the south coast that takes 16yr olds
we were hoping to stay near hastings that sort of area but are open to suggestions
any ideas???


  1. There is no such thing as a ‘Public Lands Office’ in the UK and there is no general right to camp on publicly-owned land.

    I’m afraid the vast majority of camping site owners have decided to exclude under-18’s (some have bans on under -21’s and even under-25’s).

    You could try searching for one.
    Another possibility is to join the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) which has camping spaces at some of it’s hostels and accepts people aged 16+. If any of your group are under 16 then they would need to be accompanied by someone over 18.
    Unfortunately there are no YHA hostels with camping provision near Hastings. The nearest is at Arundel. There are several YHA hostels without camping nearer than that, if you wanted to go hosteling instead of camping.

  2. Search for previous Yahoo! Answers covering this topic. There have already been hundreds of ideas presented. Check with any public lands office. In the United States, there are public forest lands under the jurisdiction of local, county, state, and federal jurisdiction and many of them have not set age limits and allow dispersed or "wild" camping. Call around to more private campgrounds in the area in which you are interested.

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