How do you live with or stay with Khajiits in Skyrim?

Is there a way to stay with a Khajiit like on a trade caravan or something. Maybe in a house. Where are there Khajiits that you can stay with? I don’t just want to follow them I want to stay with them beause they have good deals and occasionally give me free stuff. So it would be cool for them to live where I do. Is that possible?


  1. The khajits can be found camping outside of Downstar. You can live with them there, but there camp moves a lot.

    Khajits are one of my favorite races. *high fives*

  2. No

  3. No. The Khajiits aren’t exactly popular in Skyrim, so they have to stay outside of the cities and travel around. The Nords apparently don’t like having them around in town, so none of them stay in houses or anything.

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