How many Irish theme moves can Sheamus use?

So far he has the Celtic Cross, bro bro bro bro bro bro kick, Irish Whip, Emerald Fusion, and most recently the Cloverleaf submission move. What’s next the Hooligan footy stomp? Instead of a Lariat will he use the Dublin Shillelagh?

Do ya think the fella should feud with Wade Barrett next in a Caravan Park no hold barred bare knuckle fist fight?


  1. drunken shenanigans will be his next move.

  2. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! you anoying freaking new user.

  3. Those are the only ones I know.

    Yes,he should fight Wade Barrett,Drew McIntyre and any other Celtic Superstar.After words,they can get drunk and cut a jig.

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