How much spending money for UK caravan self catering holiday?

I am going on a weeks self catering caravan holiday with my partner and 2 children aged 6 and 10 months.
It is a Haven holiday park. How much spending money will I need? Some people say not much but how much is that?
Will £500 be enough?

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  1. Food for eating in the caravan will cost a bit less than your weekly shop. But you will spend a LOT more if you eat on site – Haven’s on-site restaurants are very over-priced.
    We like to have a rough plan of meals we’re going to eat, otherwise it’s easy to buy too much and ending up having to throw food away at the end of the week.

    So I’d say £100-£150 on food for the week, more along the lines of £150 if you eat out a lot.

    It really depends what you’re doing .. if you plan to go off-site, you can easily spend say £20 in petrol going somewhere fairly local, but not too close .. then £15 on a chip-shop lunch for all of you, £5 in amusements, £20 on ‘nice’ things you might find in shops and souvenirs.

    Take £500, it will more than likely be too much unless you buy lots of things. If you mainly stay on-site, I’d say £250 max including meals out and some nice toys & souveniers for the children.

    Have fun!

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