I am thinking about going to holland this next year 2011?

Could any one tell me, am i best crossing over from harwich to the hook of holland or dover to calais and driving into holland. I have a 24 foot motorhome and the crossing from harwich can be a bit expesive also are there any tolls to pay form calais to holland,and also any sugestions where to stay ie interesting places caravan parks etc

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  1. Robin Says:

    I have done Dover – Calais several times and euro tunnel then driven across Belgium to Holland…a long but easy journey in good roads with service areas where you could stop over. My friends lived/worked in holland and always used the Hook – Harwich service (the company was paying) and although the crossing is long and sometimes rough it cuts the miles dramatically and is far more relaxed.

    You will love Holland, the spiritual home of the caravan. Expensive for house/hotel dwellers, perfect for the mobile home. I recommend Duinrell…look it up on the internet, a full on family theme park with caravan spaces galore central for Dan Hag, Leiden and Amsterdam and on the dunes so right next to the sea, in tulip country…hard to beat. Oh and what they don’t tell you is it is where the first ever V2 rockets were launched by the nazis…the dutch had a really tough war which changed them forever.

  2. Jeroen Wijnands Says:

    No toll roads. Dover to calais is only an hour on those pesky ferries. There’s caravan parks all over the country

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