I reallllllllllly need help!!!!?

Im setting my book in Queensland, I wanted somewhere on the coastline, natural beauty, a remote yet tropical region. What do you think would be better Agnes waters or the town of 1770? Please if you can include some information about them.

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  1. Hi Britt

    Both places are awesome and they’re not very far away from each other so you could stay in either. Personally, I love 1770, it has the best views from the headland plus the added bonus of the ocean as well as a beautiful river. The fishing is awesome and the people are extremely friendly. I go there for holidays every few years and recommend staying in self-contained cabins at the local caravan park.


  2. Both would be good 1770 has interesting history Just google them and you will get lots of information.

  3. Both are good for what you want, but can I make a suggestion?

    When writing you should try to stick to settings and places that you know.

    I got this advice from a lecturer once and it’s very true – no matter how much read or are told about a place, you never get it 100% right. And anyone who reads your book and knows the area will be able to tell you made it all up. Then they’ll lose all faith in your writing (the reader has to trust the author’s voice after all).

    Anyway, just a thought. Best of luck!

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