Ideas for holiday accommodation in/near Emerald, Victoria?

Hi, I am looking for affordable accommodation for a group of 5 adults in early October. Does anyone have any ideas for somewhere that offers simple accommodation for a reasonable cost (ie. around 0 for a week). I am thinking a holiday house or caravan park? I’m not from Victoria so I’d appreciate any help with this one!
We are going to a conference in Emerald so we need to be reasonably close, but we will have a car so as long as we are within about 15 minutes drive. I am looking for something pretty low key, even perhaps camping, as we have a very low budget to work with!


  1. Have you had a look at

    And $500 for the week. Are you talking about per person? Because you’re crazy if you think you’ll find a "holiday house" for five people for $500 for seven nights. Prices in the Dandenong Ranges tend to be around the $110-$175+ range per night per couple.

    Otherwise, try
    I’m not aware of any caravan parks in the Dandenong Ranges (which doesn’t mean there isn’t one). I know of a few in the Yarra Valley though.

    Pretty much, the Dandenong Ranges tends to be more your B&B environment than caravaning.

    Don’t forget to check-out (or to check other locales. I’m not sure why you specified Emerald; but Olinda, Sassafras, and Ferny Creek are all very beautiful spots, and not too far from Emerald. However, if you want to stay on that side of the ranges, maybe Gembrook or Cockatoo are places to consider.

    Have a lovely time in October.

  2. Try or even for holiday rentals.
    I live about 20 mins from Emerald there are a heap of B&Bs around that I know of but Im not sure about caravan parks ect… sorry that I wasnt more help.

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