Parallel parking with a van?!?

I have to use my dad’s Dodge Grand Caravan for my road test and one of the tasks I have to complete is a successful parallel park…
I know the basic instructions for parallel parking but I have done it successfully (in one try) only about 75% of the time… I am wondering what step by step directions everyone generally follows (especially with bigger vehicles ie. van) to see if what I am doing is indeed correct!!

Thanks so much :)
Please help.;;;;


  1. Don’t be confused by the van nomenclature ———- a Dodge Caravan is not that much larger than a standard size passenger car and is no harder to park.

    That’s one of reasons people buy them.

  2. Any idiot can parallel park a Dodge Caravan.

  3. You can parallel park any vehicle if you follow the basics:

    1- find a spot 1.5 times longer than your vehicle (you can do it with less, but it gets harder)
    2- pull up even with the forward vehicle, about 3 feet away from your passenger side
    3- signal, shoulder check, and start backing straight up.
    4- when the midpoint of your vehicle is even with the rear of the parked forward vehicle, turn the steering wheel all the way to the right, and continue backing
    5 – when your front bumper comes even with the rear of the forward vehicle, start cutting the steering wheel all the way to the left
    6- continue backing until you’re clear of the front vehicle, then straighten the wheel and back as close to the rear vehicle’s front bumper as possible
    7 – turn the steering wheel slightly right of center, pull forward to get 6-10 inches from the curb
    8 – stop when the top of the front vehicle’s bumper just leaves your line of sight
    9 – put the car in park, set the park brake

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