Snatch ! Part I “A good deal for the Caravan”

The first bargaining for the caravan , Best Quotes : – U like the degs ? – degs? – Ahh DOGS :) Enjoy…

25 Responses to “Snatch ! Part I “A good deal for the Caravan””

  1. devilfish98 Says:

    Why the fuck would ah wanna caravan thatsgot no fukin wheels?

  2. RussianNinjaReviews Says:

    Holy crap, he looks like Brad Pitt.

  3. wdogg779 Says:

    i love pikeys :)

  4. Michael Jeffrey Says:

    “It’s not a journey. Every journey ends, but we go on. The world turns, and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are, my luck, my fate, My Dags. Do ya like dags?”

  5. FM24X7MUSICLOVE Says:

    you like dags :D

  6. Joker Boy Says:

    1:45-2:00..this is maybe the funniest scene i have ever saw…”Doing a great job mate,keep it up”..but hell,they won’t help for shit

  7. kh2freek Says:

    He is Brad Pitt.

  8. SheRunsWithAsians Says:

    just realized what brittany was talking about

  9. DeathofSpecteR Says:

    “That’s a flash car mister.” “Yeah, not as flash as your bike though, now is it?”

  10. dallashood67 Says:


  11. Scootmad123 Says:

    Why the fuck do I want a caravan with no fuckin wheels

  12. Scootmad123 Says:

    That a real flash car but not a flash as that bike though UHh

  13. trc2rockon Says:

    What is he saying at 0:45-0:47? I’ve picked most everything he’s said up, just not that.

  14. yangdodo17 Says:

    Big man thats for sure!

  15. celettebiggirl Says:

    Best movie ever

  16. JackRabbitSlim Says:

    D’ye loike dags?

  17. MrMischief714 Says:

    why the fuck do i want a caravan thats got no fucking wheels!?

  18. Anthony Gonzales Says:

    he’s taking a Shit behind the car

  19. Ramirez2712 Says:

    ahh c’mere ya little fucker!

  20. gareth cooney Says:

    his accent his terrible

  21. HaHaFunnyShi Says:

    hats off to brad pitts acting !!!!

  22. Scorpionbite8 Says:

    great film

  23. callmeCAYLOR Says:

    I need subtitles for this shit badly

  24. thecrystalkid Says:

    what’s Mickey say at 0.44 ?

  25. thecrystalkid Says:

    the weather’s been kind but the …… you know?

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