Thinkng of getting a static caravan untill I build. How much is the cost of living in one per month?

I have the land and a electric supply. Was wondering how much it would cost to live in one every month – is it cheaper than renting? Im a 1st time home owner so have no clue!


  1. I would rent a house, as you will need to find a place that will rent you a van short term or buy an old van then move it onto site, plumb it all in with fresh/waste water and power. Then get it removed after the build is finished. To much hassle not enough saved to make it worth you time,

  2. Current planning regulations would permit you to put a caravan on your building plot providing:

    1. You have a valid permission to build a house on the land

    2. You have started the building works

    You can acquire a second hand static van for very little money and site it on your land for the duration of works (and beyond subject to certain limitations of use).

    If you require any further assistance please get in touch via the website below and I will give you some limited free advice.

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