Travelling in Australia – How much should I budget?

Two of us going to Oz – plan to buy campervan and travel around for about a year – what sort of budget do you reckon we should go with? Want to do as much as possible but not going to do anything outrageously expensive… No definite plan as not done it before so waiting to see how it goes – just taking is as it comes which may/may not make budgeting a bit harder – any advice? What have other people done and managed with funds wise? (Flight there booked already)


  1. When you come to Oz you will find car firms that deal with backpackers, will sell you a camper with a guaranteed buy back at the end or in Sydney I believe there are places where people sell camper vans and the like very cheaply as they are going overseas after being here and want to get rid of them.
    As for camping, you may have to pay about $A12 to 22 pp to stay at some places but do believe me you can camp free at a lot of places, try for some info. There is a publication listing free campsites with a road map included, its worth the money.
    You will get moved on near beaches and in some shire but I have free camped in my caravan all over the East Coast, Victoria and South Australia for more years than I care to remember! you will always find a place where other people are camped or you stop and someone will camp with you. Mostly "Grey Haired Nomads" LOL
    I would suggest if you plan to travel in the "Out Back", you get some info on the requirements because it can be a DANGEROUS place for people who ignore the rules! It’s a Bloody Big Empty Place. Don’t be put off by this, you will meet some extremely friendly people in the outback.
    Google Northern Territory Australia and look at the government web site for some info re the outback.
    As for expences, stocking up in larger towns is cheaper than small towns, dollar wise, but it depends on what you want to do, you may spend $100’s dollars per night on the Gold Coast, spend bugger all on the road, just the necesseties of life. As expensive as you want it to be!
    Enjoy Oz you will come back.
    Happy Camping.

  2. Okay; assume AU$40 for food, drink and sundries per day
    The cost of the van (No clue on that one) and fuel.
    The flight will cost you about 800 quid each
    topping and tailing the holiday (ie; time without the van) AU$1,000
    You’ll want a good few nights out during the year so add another AU$3,000
    The obligatory touristy things that you’re going to want to do AU$3,000
    Travel insurance 200 quid each
    And double you costs for any time you’re going to want to spend in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Melbourne.

    The big cost will be the van – which an internet trawl will give you an idea on that.

    I went over with about 5k and it went sooooo easily.

    You can save a bit of cash if you get a working holiday visa and do a bit of fruit picking. Not fun, but it’ll add to the experience. You can earn about AU$10-12 an hour, which might take an edge off your finances.

  3. I took £3000 with me and blew it inside 3 months, I did buy a camper though which helped with accomodation. Don’t go thinking you can just park anywhere for the night though, you’ll get moved on very quickly, so you’ll have to budget for campsites.
    I did spend a fair bit on beer so it’s my fault really. Luckily I got myself a cash in hand building job, but stuff like that isn’t easy to come by either.

  4. "taking it as it comes" is definately the best thing to do. allow around £100 to do a skydive over mission beach on the north east coast, and scuba diving i think was about £20 – £30 a dive if you’re already qualified. everythings alot cheaper than home, so maybe work out what youd spend here if you were driving and drinking each day/night. (or if you wanna do both at once). dont let money tie you down, it’ll be an amazing time, just make sure you save money on certain things ie not eating expensive food, and spend more on cheap booze etc! i was on the east coast for a month (not with a camper) and definately spent less than £300, (not including skydive/diving course) and had an amazing time. happy travels, i’m very jealous but hope this helps.

  5. 1st make sure you have an appropriate visa.

    The cost of petrol is still going up and in some remote towns, the pice can be up to $2.80AUD a litre. Always have enough money to comfterbly get through the day.

    You may wish to open a bank account. Choose a bank which is nation wide like Commonwelth bank or National Australia Bank.

    Just use common sense and don’t do ANYTHING stupid. $100-150 dollors (not including petrol) should be ok per day but ALWAYS have extra money for un expected things. If you are going to do a couple of tour things like Meusiums and old Gaols, $200 per day would be advisable

    And never pick up a hitch hicker.

    Good Luck

  6. As much as you can. You’ll end up on several drink benders impossible to avoid. You will definately go on expensive trips because its once in a lifetime and the opportunity may never happen again. Start saving!!!!

  7. With the current exchange rate – about 1 pound!

  8. Hey im doing the same as you, will be starting from perth in october, i think a campervan will be between 2000$ and 4000$ the hostles are about 21$ a night, just go with as much as you can spend carfully and if you start getting low you can always get work to top your dosh up for the next part of your journy. Be carfull when driving through deserts, try getting togethre with other travellers of van drivers, is safer if you break down or have any mishaps, take lots of water between towns and plenty of fuel. Always make sure someone knows where you are.
    I thinks the price of living is about the same as here, petrol is expensive though.

    Do you know of any insurance companys for combi’s for foreigners?

    Hope you have a great time, may bump into you there stranger *:)

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