Was our economic crisis a conspiracy by the Democratic party to get out of work people to the inauguration?

All these people heading to Washington in caravans and such, it’s a good thing there’s so many people out of work. Now I can go out and look for a job in the next two days and not worry about the competition. Should I say thank you to the President Elect?
Melouofs…you know nothing about my politics.

If you read, you’d see that I’m an Independent. But of course, if I bash the person that you’re for, I MUST be a Conservative/Repbulican. That’s the problem with Liberals today…it’s either black or white…no shades of grey.


  1. Obama has also asked to all the schools to stop classes and have the children watch him sworn into office.

    He has some ego… perhaps it just plays into his dreams of having youth camps. Get them while they are young!

    Good luck with your job search!

  2. What an absurd observation. How on earth would an out of work person from California, Oregon, Texas, etc fund a trip to Wash DC to attend the inauguration? Can’t you simply accept the fact that there is a genuine excitement in this country for the changing of administrations? I have actually never seen such excitement over change of Presidents in my lifetime.

    I know this has escaped your attention, but had Bush done better than a dismal job, your candidate and political party would have fared better in the last election cycle. Don’t blame the Democrats for Bush’s poor performance.

    And how is it that YOU assume I’m a liberal…I cannot also be in the grey you speak of? That’s the pot calling the kettle black. And, no I don’t read your other questions.

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