What essentials do I need for a caravan holiday?

Me, my boyfriend and two friends are planning a 7 day caravan holiday in Berwick. It’s self-catering and it’s a Haven caravan park. Is there anything I MUST take, I’m writing a list now. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
The holiday is planned for the beginning of July (hopefully). We are going to book the platinum caravan (Most expensive one).
I have ordered a brochure.


  1. A torch, waterproofs, lighter, wellies, flip-flops, wet wipes,a good book and lots of enthusiasm!

  2. A caravan would be essential for a start

  3. The Haven caravans are usually fully equipped – but check if you have to pay extra for bedding ( sheets etc) and towels. the campsite shops are always expensive so take as much food with you as you can. What time of year are you going? Make sure you take all your walking stuff ( boots, waterproofs, daybag etc)

  4. Haven are usually pretty helpful in this respect in their literature , however ,, here goes , Depends on whether you have ordered bed linen , some more de-luxe accommodation it is included others it is an extra that you need to order in advance ,. Towels and toiletries . tea towels and wash up liquid ,, toilet rolls , .. and food and drink of course .. Take some with you and buy rest at local supermarket , Shops on site tend to be a bit expensive ,, OK for bread and milk .. In the van will be all necessary cutlery ,glasses.. plates cups dishes etc and cooking utensils , also kitchen tools , In a cupboard will be a broom . bucket usually , perhaps an ironing board ( No iron though , take one or hire on site ) .. take J cloths or similar for cleaning or mopping up . There is usually an airer to dry towels etc on .. Van has TV ,, some have a dvd player too , All have fridges , most have a toaster , some have a freezer and microwave ,, Your booking details and class of accommodation should tell you exactly what you get , also the time that you can book in ,, either 2.30 or 4 pm / oh and clothes of course . You can add things like air freshener games and anything else that will make the holiday pleasurable . I have been on several Haven holidays and enjoyed them all . Am going to North Wales this year with them but it is half board , not self catering ,,, Have a nice time ,

  5. You should receive a catalogue of what is supplied when you finalise the booking. If you’re hiring the most expensive caravan, then I really doubt you’ll need to take much at all. If you’re budget conscious buy necessities, food, drink etc at supermarket before you leave cos onsite shops can be very expensive.
    Here are a few other possibilities / reminders that I’d think about … :) Toothbrush, insect repellant, personal meds, pain meds, umbrella, torch, mobile phone charger, camera, binoculars, board games, extra batteries, travel sickness meds, chilly bin ( esky) extra blankets, first aid kit, emergency tool kit, swim gear, back pack, sunblock, sharp knife, cutting board, scissors, extra towels, comfy pillow, sunglasses, wet wipes, picnic blankets, sun umbrella, cushion, emery board, lip balm, fishing rod, fan, sun hat, sun lounger, good book … Have a great time ! :)

  6. i think other members have given you a good list
    though i would take a guide book for that area as there are so many nice places to see there
    Northumberland is one of England’s best county’s with nice coastline
    go to Holy island

  7. My packing list for a s/c holiday includes, books, puzzle books, games, cards, camera, phone, chargers for both, favourite small kitchen knife, food, drink, towels for beach/swimming, cds or dvds if you have a player, map and guide book of area. I often make up a file of the area I am going to printing stuff off the internet depending on your interest – walks, sightseeing, cinemas, theatres, pubs, restaurants, local transport. Have a great time.

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