What is a decent cheap cool car with 7 seats?

I’m 17, I want a car that would be good for our 4 week road trip that me and my friends are doing, we are carrying a caravan, and it needs to seat 7 people and look cool so I don’t look like a douche driving a people’s car, please help?

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  1. Timothy L Says:

    As this is posted on UK site this is UK answer.The only things with 7 seats are either people carriers or some 4 x 4 ‘s. To tow a caravan you will need at least 2 litres… and your licence will only cover you for a trailer up to 750kgs, and virtually every caravan is heavier than that. The insurance will be a huge problem.
    At this stage in your life the only solution is two smaller cars, and if you like one or both of them can haul light trailers for decent quantity of camping gear.
    Edit – you don’t say where you plan to go – be aware that many countries in Europe have 18 as minimum age for driving a car, so your licence would not be valid.

  2. who_is_jack_shit Says:

    Your living in a dream world if you think you can afford insurance for anything other than a Corsa/Saxo/Fiesta size car.

  3. The Wise One Says:

    It’s going to be a People Carrier or a Stretch Limo.

    Be interesting to see what insurance quote you get.

    Also, what’s so uncool about driving a People Carrier.

  4. Kenny Says:

    Small yellow school bus.


    Edit: then roller paint it matte black.

  5. Neil B Says:

    You’re 17, you won’t be able to afford insurance on anything that big, probably won’t be able to tow the caravan legally (unless it’s tiny), and will probably kill you and your friends if you tried it.

  6. DR + Mrs Bears face Says:

    Here we have another classic problem. you are not old enough to get a decent car that will pull a caravan and get both insured as the caravan needs you to be at least 21 years old for insurance.
    the car needs to be at least 2 litres and the driver needs to have experience of towing as well as being over 21 years old. the insurance alone would be crippling.
    the best car for this is a toyota land cruiser or a Land Rover estate car but they are not so comfortable.
    travelling inside the caravan is against the law.
    a camper with tents would be you best options with two other cars to carry people.
    the problem is the caravan it’s weight and something with enough power to pull the caravan.
    anything less than a 2 litre will not pull a caravan and haul 7 young persons and there luggage and food with bedding simple logic sorry kids.

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