What is the best all seasons tire for a dodge caravan?

I’m looking for opions on the Michelin X Radia tires sold at Costco and the MotoMaster SE tires from Canadian Tires. Are these any good?


  1. Michelin is a very good tire. Keeping them inflated to the right pressure and rotating/balancing them frequently will give you about as good of a tire life out of a Michelin as you’ll find anywhere. I’ve dealt with LOTS of tires. Michelins are the best all around tire you can buy at a reasonable price.

  2. Michelin although I would prefer Pirelli.

  3. try tirerack

  4. I personally work at a tire Shop on westcaost and in my findings the best all terrain tires would be Good year assurance triple thread. Personally my Favorite remember the more u spend the better the tire.. Not trying to sell em to u but remember the old saying you get what you pay for…. deffinitlly try a thick thread tire.. the more thread on the tire the longer the use and dont forget the warranty ;0)

  5. bf goodrich makes a really good tire for that one that grips the road real well and last a long time,try looking on this site at what they have to fit it,good luck, http://tirerack.com

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