What is wrong with this 2005 dodge caravan?

my mother has a doge caravan. It was parked for a while and now she is wanting it back on the road. But it is ticking kinda of like the old 4.0 inlines did. But the tick is not the big problem. If you cut it off after it has been running it will not start up. Or it will take a while for to start up. Its smokeing some under the hood but i think that is oil burning off from the oil leak, While trying to start it it makes some really horrible sounds mostly it knocks and grunts. What could cause this.


  1. Could be low on oil, from settin to long or radatarty might be low , check wires make SURE on mice chewed on them might have bad gas from being parked to long,

  2. Could be serious w/ horrible noises and smoke; could be oil supply prob which could ruin engine if driven.

    I’d have it towed to Dodge or a trustworthy mechanic.

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