What paint do I use to paint the outside of my caravan?

We have been given a free caravan and we are currently stripping it out and have decorated the inside. I wanted to know if it was possible to paint the outside of the caravan? The caravan is aluminum.

Thank you.


  1. Its possible of course. You can rent a spray gun and compressor from local tool rental company. They can show you how to adjust then gun for best spray pattern. You can watch some youtube videos on auto painting to get some pointers.

    As for the paint, I would probably suggest Poly Urethane paint. Go to Ebay and look for Poly Urethane Paint KITS, that include the paint, the activator (hardner), and thinner. You can buy a gallon of Poly with kit for under $100 on Ebay. Expect to pay 3x that locally. Sand the old finish down with a medium-high grit 320 by wetsanding, You sand with water running and it gives you a better finish. There is a special type of sandpaper for wetsanding so be sure to get that type. Spray 3 coats of paint on at about 15 minute intervals and let the car dry a few hours before you start taking the tape and masking paper off the glass, trim, etc.

  2. army paint matt green then add some camo patterns will look cool

  3. use bird shit it really is a color no one expects on a car and the ladys just looove it

  4. You’re caravan is not Aluminum!
    You could try painting it yourself, but if you’ve never done a paint job, you are better off having someone else do it.

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