What shoes/boots would you recommend for a hiking/camping trip around the wilderness in the Scottish highlands?

Also is it true that you can camp anywhere in Scotland for free aslong as you are not near a road?

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  1. You can camp anywhere in rough country in Scotland except near a road. That rule prevents , or is supposed to prevent traveling people from just parking their caravans and wagons and setting up camp, and it also keeps the roadsides cleaner by not having fire or litter ugly patches around. The Freedom of Access laws give you the right to roam on any wild country in Scotland and to camp away from a road.
    Chris Brasher startled the hiking world when he marketed his first line of all-British boots.
    Brasher Hillmasters are now the standard boot for the wet and wild British hills and will give many years of good service.
    Karrimor also do very good boots.
    Both are available at Millets and Cotswold Outdoors, as well as other brands like Hitech and Eurohike which are perfectly good budget range boots which will last for several seasons of hiking if they are treated with care.
    I go mountain running in budget low-cut lightweight boots from Millets and they are now five years old.
    The really top class world leaders and most used and …… breathe deep and bow low……highly respected companies in the world for many years are Meindl and Scarpa whose boots are the most seen boots on Everest K2 and similar harsh mountains and cost a bomb for the really best ones….over £200….but both do more affordable boots within the same price range as Brasher Hillmasters and Supralites.
    Tiso is an excellent store with branches in Glasgow and Edinburgh and they do all the outdoor stuff you’ll ever need apart from the company and you might even find that as well.
    I bought my Nomad backpack from Tiso and met a customer in the process who later became a walking companion when we found we had very similar trips in mind.
    Looking after a pair of boots is on here.
    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100718172725AAGn39v . . . . . .
    Links on here for Millets and Cotswold Outdoor.
    http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100414124728AAKaEDG . . . . .
    http://www.tiso.com/ . . . .
    See the brands listed here at Braemar mountain sports…a class supplier.
    Brasher mixed in with Scarpa and Meindl…says a lot, that.
    http://www.braemarmountainsports.com/categories.php?cat=48 . . . .
    But for the Scottish hills, I wouldn’t go with anything but good leather boots, not fabric. My Brasher Hillmasters have seen a lot of Scottish rock and heather and they’ll be seeing a lot more of it..
    Have a good time.

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