What type of car/van/people mover should we get to travel with 2 adults and 6 kids?

I would love to travel our beautiful country with my family but i am struggling with trying to work out what the best way to do it is?
I want to be able to travel in our own transport and also accommodate ourselves quite easily too, with so many kids i cant have anything that is too hard or time consuming to set up.
I need to be able to accommodate 2 adults and 6 kids.
I have thought about caravans, but didn’t think i would be bale to find one to fit our fam, i have thought about those kimbery kamper trailers but also thought that this wouldn’t fit out family?????
I just don’t know how all these things work and what we could fit in?
What could we buy, that isn’t too expensive, that we could all travel in and have somewhere to sleep as well?


  1. A Winnebago is the way to go.We toured NSW,VIC & SA in one a few years ago.There were 4 adults & one teenager.We had lots of room & we stayed in caravan parks at night & used the facilities there as they are better than the cramped shower & toilet in the Winnebago.We stayed 3 nights in Adelaide & hired a car to see the sights.We took our own BBQ & a separate table & foldin chairs & a mosquito proof folding gazebo to eat in.We had a great time & there was lots of storage space to pack our stuff away.

  2. I have had a similar challenge, traveling for 3 weeks from melbourne to perth and back with 4 adults and 3 kids. We did this is 2 sedan cars.

    What we did was take 2 4 man tents, and 2 2man tents. They fold down to nothing in the boot of a car. All else you need to bring is a decent sleeping bag each with a cover, and a soft matt to sleep on. For pillows, we just stuffed some towels and dirty clothes into an inside out sleeping bag cover, which makes an instant, if not a little lumpy, pillow.

    We found it a little spartan, but it was cheap, effective and saved a lot of space in the cars.

    Happy road tripping!

  3. My first thought was a Holden Condomore, but its a bit late!

    Seriously, I’d suggest a people mover of some sort, a trauiler and a large compartmented tent. Even four people in a normal sized caravan gets to be a pain afer a while on the road.

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