Where can a group of 18 and 17 year olds go camping in England but can share a tent together?

Next Summer, some of my mates( who are all female) and i want to go camping together in England but we want to share a tent together. We are not party people. We also want to know where cheap camping sites are and whether they are near the beach and shopping areas. also we want to go to a restaurant too.


  1. There are hundreds of good campsites all over the UK and, as some of you are over 18 and you are not a mixed-sex party, you should have no problems finding one to suit your requirements. However, any good campsite with facilities (toilets, showers, take-away, etc) and near the sea will definitely not be cheap during the summer high season, ie. the 6 weeks of the school summer holidays.
    How to find one (or more).
    1. Google a seaside resort that you fancy visiting and ask for campsites. (I just put "Campsites in …….") and a list will present itself. Look on the individual websites of campsites which tells you all you need to know and usually have booking forms.
    2. Buy a decent campsite guide. The best is probably the AA Guide to Camping and Caravanning in UK or some similar title. That will list sites by area/town and give details of facilities and contact information.
    3. Join the Camping and Caravanning Club and you will get their guide to their own sites plus their own certificated sites (which have a max of 5 pitches and often have toilets/showers/water supply etc. plus hundreds of commercial sites arranged alphabetically in areas of UK.
    You may think joining such a club is a bit naff but it does give you certain guarantees and lots of information.
    And what’s the problem about sharing a tent? You can get tents for 10/12 people nowadays and they are brilliant. You can even have electric hook-ups in tents (we do) as long as you have the connected cable and socket box, for you straighteners, phone chargers, ipods, etc., etc. Problem with very big tents? They can weigh a lot so hope you have cars! However, when you book a pitch on a site it will only include space for one car. If you have another you will have to pay extra for it and you may have to leave it in a car park. This is for safety reasons.

  2. LOL…Anyone can share a tent……

  3. There are hundreds of sites all over the country. A few may have age restrictions, or only allow families, but most should welcome you. Use Google to search, or pick up some holiday brochures for the areas that interest you.

  4. If you don’t feel like hauling around a tent, with all the stuff that you need to go with it, then try:


    If there’s enough of you going then you can share a dorm room. Book in advance though.

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