Young Australian are being encouraged to 'go West' to the mines; how do they go about this?

Where can people go to actually get the mining jobs, and where do they live once there? I have heard that there is a housing shortfall, and that even caravans are in short supply.

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  1. To get a job on the mines you either need to have good skills in your field (construction or a trade, rigging, driving trucks, dogging etc) or know some one on the mines who can put in a good word for unskilled labour. If you are unskilled it will be almost impossible to get a job. Either way you will need to go through mining recruitment agencies. There are plenty, look them up.

    As for the housing shortfall thats just the way it goes. Rent is high because of this. You will live in a donga (tiny cell size transportable) up on the mines and have to rent or buy a house in perth or surrounds as most jobs are fly in fly out.

    Most people come over because they believe they will make alot of money. This is relevant to your position, living arrangments and your fly in fly out roster. You may be paid $8000 for 4 weeks work with no weekends and 12 hour days, but then you are off work for the next 3 weeks where you are paid nothing.
    Seems like alot of money, but spread it out and you are only getting just over $1000 p/w and you have no life for most of that time as you are on a mine site; you don’t get to see your family or friends or even have a drink on the dry sites. Plus you are paying rent the whole time for he house you will only live in 3 weeks for every 7.
    I would prefer a regular job with similar pay (or even a bit less) where I come home to my family every night and actually get to enjoy life.

    If you are unskilled, already have a well paying job, a active social life or a family I would suggest you don’t "go west".

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